Space Tunnel

I got into a comfortable position where the tunnel filled my whole field of vision. After a while, I was transported: the lights weren’t just soothing and fun – unexpectedly I found myself thinking of my family and friends, and how much I loved them. The little bit of research I’ve done into the impact of looking at complex fractal patterns has left me thinking that humans are pretty animalistic, and that some sights simply feel good – even with nothing concrete to look at, the brain seems to get involved. That’s the effect the tunnel had on me: it helped my mind wander into places and depths it doesn’t normally go. It was like being sated on a visual level, but not superficially – instead it allowed for introspection.”

It was lush to just lie down in there and do nothing except for enjoy it and relax on Sunday night”

“It was one of my most favorite art installations from any festival I’ve been to. Interactive to watch or to play, it was creative and beautiful, and so cool on so many levels.”

It was like someone took my thoughts about operating LEDs and made them come true!

Space Tunnel

“The nice people that were already there have me some 3d distorting glasses that made it AMAZING. After a while I was done and I said “this is my planet so I bid you all goodbye” and I left. And it felt exactly like that, that I had been in a space ship, and when I exited I was stepping onto a new planet! Thank you for your LOVELY project!”

Space Tunnel

“The Ultimate Hippy Trap” – Ranger Simon

It was so nice to hear someone say “this is the best interactive art I’ve seen at the festival” when I really felt the same way! I personally thought it was incredible to watch the light sparkle.”

Different people’s reactions when someone would change to an animation was hilarious. “Space!….space!…..Yaaaayy!!!””

“The lights allowed me to develop patterns for thoughts and emotions which eventually allowed me to play with them. Which led to kaleidoscope of experiences.”